Australian Scholarships in Bond University 2014 for Australian and International Students

Australian Scholarships in Bond University 2014 for Australian and International Students

Bond University has been  awarded $5.75M from Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Research  and Tertiary Education (DIISTRE) for the establishment of a Collaborative  Research Network (CRN) in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport,  the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and the University of Sydney.  The CRN for Advancing Exercise & Sports Science will apply interdisciplinary  research platforms including genomics to explore key research questions in  exercise and sports science.

  • PhD scholarships are awarded  in the following areas: 1. Intensity, Duration of Exercise Adaptation:  Investigating the molecular processes underlying human adaptation to exercise.  The student will be enrolled at Bond University. 2. The genetics of exercise  induced injuries, tendon & bone: Investigating phenotypic and genetic data  to detect genetic polymorphisms that may indicate an increased risk of or  protection from, tendon and bone injury in runners. The student will be enrolled  at Bond University and based at the Australian Institute of Sport- Canberra 3. Genomic determinants of muscle performance in health and disease:  Investigating determinants of muscle performance (power and endurance) in  cohorts of high performance athlet and correlated with similar measures in  cohorts of elderly individuals. A background in bioinformatics or statistical  genetics with computer programming skills will be essential. The student will be  based at University of Queensland Diamantina Institute. 4. Genomic  predictors of musculoskeletal injury and relationship to osteoporosis and  osteoarthritis: Investigating genetic determinants of risk of tendon injury  (Achilles tendinitis) and stress fracture in young to middle-aged athletes,  including their contribution to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in older age  cohorts.
  • Scholarships are  available for pursuing PhD degree at Bond University.

Scholarship Details: ( Australian Scholarships in Bond University 2014 for Australian and International Students)

Eligibility: Each PhD project will require the students  to actively collaborate with staff and students at CRN partner organisations,  the Diamantina Institute (University of Queensland; UQDI), the Australian  institute of Sport (Canberra) and the University of Sydney. The successful  applicants must have an Australian bachelor’s degree with first class honours or  an equivalent, and be intending to enrol full-time in a PhD program for  commencement in 2014. The scholarships are available to all applicants of  exceptional research potential, both domestic and international.

  • Australian and international students can  apply for these PhD scholarships.
  • 4 scholarships will be  offered.
  • These PhD scholarships  will be offered for three years.
  • The PhD scholarship provides  a living allowance of AUD $ 25, 392 per annum (tax exempt) for three years, paid  as a fortnightly stipend whilst undertaking a PhD.
  • Further details regarding the PhD  scholarships, including application forms, guidelines and referee reports are  available from
  • The application deadline is 10 February  2014. Please note that the closing date of 10 February 2014 is not the  official closing date for applications. This date is the last date that  applicants may request application forms and guidelines for the PhD’s  available.

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