Bézout Excellence Program in France ,2022-2023

Bézout Excellence Program in France ,2022-2023
Scholarship Description:
Under Bézout Excellence Program in France ,2022-2023 applications are being invited from eligible candidates. International Students, Domestic Students are eligible to apply for this program. The scholarship allows Masters, Research level programm(s) in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics taught at University Paris . Interested candidates may apply for the scholarship as per set deadline. The application deadline is 15/05/2022

Degree Level:

Bézout Excellence Program for 2022-2023 is available to Masters level programs at University Paris.

Available Subjects:

Following subject are available to study under this scholarship program.


*Computer science

Scholarship Benefits:

Each scholar will receive around 1300 €/month during 11 months (this support cannot be combined with any other financial help).  The program will pay the university registration fees for all the Bézout master’s students enrolled in this scholarship program, who will only have to pay a mandatory 90 € (approx.) yearly fee for CVEC (contribution for life campus).

Eligible Nationalities:

All Nationalities

Eligible Criteria:
This one-year program is open to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science and have passed the first year of a master’s or PhD program.  Women are particularly encouraged to apply.
Application Procedure:

The submission site is open here: http://bezout.univ-mlv.fr/22masters/.  The deadline is May 15, 2022.  Note that the contact information of two professors who can recommend the applicant are required; these professors will be requested to upload a recommendation letter separately, also by May 15.

The examination committee is the Executive Committee of the Bézout Labex.

After this program:

The best students at the end of the program will be invited to start a PhD in the Bézout Labex; we have a number of possibilities for support. A joint supervision with the student’s national doctoral framework, leading to both PhD grades, is possible.

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