Characteristics of Islamic Political System

Characteristics of Islamic Political System:


The political system of Islam is based on sound spiritual and moral foundation and guided by Divine Instruction. The main characteristics of islamic political system are:

  1. Sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Almighty Allah alone.
  2. God is the real law giver and the authority of absolute legislation vests in him.
  3. An islamic state must be founded upon the law laid down by the God, through his prophet (PBUH).
  4. Executive is constituted by the general will of the Muslims, who have also the right to depose him.
  5. The public law is Quranic law. the islamic state cannot frame any laws against the injunctions of Quran and Sunnah.
  6. Islamic state is a welfare state.
  7. Justice on equality basis is strongly emphasized. There is no concept of discrimination .Judiciary should be independent of executive.
  8. there should be a mujlis-e-shoora which decide state affairs through mutual consultation.
  9. Islam gives full freedom of speech and expression to the people.

Economic Right:

  1. Every citizen can equally benifit from the wealth of the state.
  2. Every citizen should be given employment according to his merits.

Political Rights:

  1. citizens can participate in legislation.
  2. Any citizen can call upon the head of the state to explain his conduct in relation to any measure taken by him.