Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarships, International Students, Australia, 2013

University of Melbourne offers international fee remission  scholarships for international students for pursuing graduate research  degree studies at the University of Melbourne in Australia. MIFRSs are funded by  the university with each faculty having a limited number of  awards. Each year the University of Melbourne offers about 150  MIFRSs. The MIFRS covers full tuition costs, but not overseas student  health care. Applicants should submit their application for  admission and scholarship by 31 August.

Study Subject (s): Scholarships are offered for  all graduate research programmes offered by the  University of Melbourne.Course  Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing graduate  research degree at the University of Melbourne. Scholarship  Provider: University of  Melbourne, Australia Scholarship can be taken  at: Australia

Eligibility: To be considered for a MIFRS, applicants  need to apply for scholarship and candidature in a graduate research degree  course (eg. Master’s by research, PhD or other research doctorate) at the  University of Melbourne.

Scholarship Open for International  Students: International students can apply for these  scholarships.

Scholarship Description: The  Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (MIFRS) is awarded to  international students wishing to undertake graduate research degree  studies at the University of Melbourne. MIFRSs are funded by the University  with each faculty having a limited number of awards.

Number of awards (s): Each year the University  of Melbourne offers about 150 MIFRSs.

Duration of award (s): –The duration of a  scholarship will be reduced if a study was undertaken towards the degree before  commencement of the scholarship, during suspension of the scholarship (e.g.  unpaid Leave of Absence), or  during the tenure of a previous Australian Postgraduate Course Award (or  APA). -The maximum scholarship tenure excludes periods of leave (apart from  overseas study leave). All durations are expressed as FTE (i.e. full-time equivalent.) IPRS and MIFRS recipients often hold a MIRS (a  living allowance scholarship) as well. The MIRS cannot be extended beyond 3.5  years for PhD and other research doctorate students. This means that if a second  6 month extension to the IPRS or MIFRS is approved, the student would need to  cover their own living expenses for the final 6 months. Note that  completion of a masters degree while holding a scholarship does not guarantee  the award of a scholarship for research  doctorate (eg. PhD)  study.

What does it cover? The MIFRS covers full  tuition costs, but not overseas student health care.

Selection Criteria: Selection will be based on the  eligibility criteria and academic merit.

Notification: Applicants will be advised via  email as soon as an outcome of their scholarship application is  determined.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is  online.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Applicants should  submit their application for admission and scholarship by 31 August.  Applications received after this date will only be considered for any MIFRSs  that remain at the time the application is assessed for scholarship.

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