University Of Hull Fully-Funded International PhD Scholarships In Wild Mammalian Carnivores in UK 2022

University of Hull
University Of Hull Fully-Funded International PhD Scholarships In Wild Mammalian Carnivores in UK 2022

Scholarship Description:
Under University Of Hull Fully-Funded International PhD Scholarships In Wild Mammalian Carnivores in UK 2022 applications are being invited from eligible candidates. International Students are eligible to apply for this program. The scholarship allows PhD level programm(s) in the field of Animal Behaviour taught at University of Hull . Interested candidates may apply for the scholarship as per set deadline. The application deadline is 31/01/2022

Subjects offered and Degree Programs:
You can apply for Animal Behaviour taught at University of Hull

Funded by: University of Hull.

Applications are invited for a fully-funded Ph.D. scholarship that will focus on understanding what factors predict wild mammalian carnivores’ ability to adapt to environmental changes, particularly within the context of rewilding. This Ph.D. study is part of the University of Hull’s REWILD Research cluster (see “About the research cluster” below for more details of the cluster). The notion of rewilding is a controversial topic because many programs focus on carnivores. Negative opinions can severely limit such programs’ success, thereby wasting time, money, and effort. The Ph.D. will therefore explore, among other things, the links between the psychology and behavioral ecology of wild mammalian carnivores’ adaptability to new environments, and how human perception of those species can facilitate rewilding success.

Sponsor Value

The University of Hull will provide a fully-funded opportunity for successful candidates for Ph.D. study. The successful applicant will receive a fee waiver and a maintenance grant/stipend for three years (full time) or five years (part-time), which covers the research period of the Ph.D. The fee waiver for 21/22 is £4,500 (Home fee), and the maintenance grant is £15,609. This rises each year in line with the UKRI’s recommended stipend allowance.

Eligibility Criteria

We are looking for an enthusiastic student with the following general qualities:

  1. a keen interest and passion for wildlife,
  2. experience conducting research involving trail cameras,
  3. in a good physical and mental condition suitable for working outdoors,
  4. medical and car insurance,
  5. a valid driving license,
  6. a vehicle suitable for driving on country roads,
  7. roadside car assistance (e.g., AA),
  8. an interest and ability to work effectively in both the field and lab, and
  9. a proficiency in, or willingness to become proficient in data analysis using R. Knowledge or a willingness to learn structural equation modeling is also highly desirable. Lastly, working in the field has many potential dangers (e.g., accidental injury) and must be done even when the weather is not ideal (e.g., cold and rainy days). Thus, the successful student must be willing to work safely and responsibly under such conditions, and potentially for exceptionally long hours (e.g., dawn to dusk).
Application Procedure

In order to apply for the grant, applicants must take admission in Ph.D. degree at the university. After that, they can apply through an online processor.